We all have our idols growing up, and the same is the case with Tiger Woods. While growing up, Tiger had his favorite golf professional, and coincidently, he is the favorite player of his mother as well. Moreover, Kultida Woods once revealed who is her favorite golf professional. He might be your favorite player as well.

Tiger Woods mom

Tiger Woods

Eldrick Woods could not become probably the best professional without the help of his mother. Kultida has always supported Tiger throughout his career and was also recently seen at the Tiger’s induction ceremony in the World Golf Hall of Fame. However, as it is Women’s history month, let’s take a trip down memory lane and relive the moment when Kultida revealed her favorite professional.


Moreover, there is a striking similarity between her favorite professional and Tigers’ favorite professional. Both of them seem to have a common liking when it comes to idolizing a golf player.

Kultida make the surprising revelation back in 2009. She said, “I enjoy the things that are old more than the new. You know, the test of time. In Thailand, you always respect the elders and history, which is what I taught my son.”
Tiger Woods

She added, “I know he liked Byron Nelson very much; he was my favorite of all the golfers I meet. Just the way he looked at me and shook my hand. I hardly talk to him. But I like him.” It is so amazing to see that both Tiger and Kultida share the same interest and also the values that she has taught Woods.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods speaks some beautiful words for his family

On March 9th, 2022, Tiger was formally inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. In his acceptance speech, Woods spoke some emotional words for his family as well as for his supporters. He said, “I know that golf is an individual sport. We do things on our own a lot for hours on end, but in my case, I didn’t get here alone. I had unbelievable parents, mentors, friends, who allowed me and supported me in the toughest times.”
“So I just want to say thank you to my mom, Sam, Erica, Charlie, everyone here, all my friends that have come to be here.”

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