Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have always enjoyed a professional rivalry. Both the professionals are famous for their friendly banters both on and off-the-course. Moreover, recently Woods’ long-term caddie Steve Williams revealed an intriguing story when Phil and Sergio Garcia teamed up on Tiger.
Eldrick Woods caddie, Steve Williams, was on the bag for him for almost 11 years, from 1999-to 2011. Moreover, Steve saw all the highs as well as lows in Woods’ career. He was on the bag for Tiger when Woods achieved what is known as the Tiger Slam in golf. However, Steve revealed an interesting story about the time when Phil and Sergio sort of teamed up on Woods.

Tiger woods , phil mickelson

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Steve spoke about the incident in a recent episode of the podcast, namely Chasing Majors. Steve spoke about how Phil and Sergio sort of teamed up on Tiger at the 2000 US Open. He said, “Yeah, look, he got, it was a very interesting, it became sort of a three-horse race amongst the crowd. And certainly, the crowd had had their three favorites. And Phil was the obvious favorite and then he was the people’s favorite and then, you know, Sergio was next and you know, Tiger at New York, he wasn’t the person that everyone wanted to win here.”

Tiger woods , phil mickelson

He added, “So and Phil and Sergio, you know, were trying to unite and get some power. I think, you know, Phil wanted if he didn’t win he wanted Sergio to win, and if Sergio didn’t win he wanted Phil to win sort of thing. And I think that they were sort of pulling together that somehow if they got together and pulled together with their own strength in that way perhaps they could overcome Tiger at Bethpage.”

Wow! what an incredible story, it shows the amount of competition Tiger used to face and not only the professional. But the fans were also the third factor, and he won against all odds.

Tiger has the last laugh

On the business end, Woods proved his dominance yet again. He won the 2000 US Open at Bethpage in an emphatic fashion. Tiger won the event with an overall score of three-under-par. He won the event with a three strokes advantage on Sunday. Woods carded a final round of 72, two-over-par.

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