At least a month off at the gates of the season on red. After having covered far and wide the role of dominator (between Australia and the United States, even passing through Acapulco) Spanish champion Rafael Nadal will in fact be forced to stop between four and six weeks due to a rather evident problem already in the Indian Wells semifinal with Carlos Alacaraz.

Rafael Nadal

If nothing else, this is the first communication from the trusted doctor (Angel Ruiz Cotorro, editor’s note) who, as usual, checked the conditions of the twenty-time Grand Slam champion in Spain. Unlikely, if not impossible, Nadal will in fact take part in the tournaments in Monte-Carlo and Barcelona: realistically, the Majorcan’s ‘low season’ should have only Madrid and Rome in the Pre-Slam package.

Bad but not terrible, in short. In short: the physique of the very Spanish champion began to falter in conjunction with the second round (hit the lower part of the body) and finally asked for the score at the foot of the final.
Rafael Nadal

In fact, from the tests sustained on his return to Spain, a stress fracture of the left third costal arch emerged. It is therefore likely that Nadal played the final with Fritz – also affected by physical problems – in extreme conditions.

“I didn’t expect it, it’s certainly not what I hoped to hear” – the Spaniard explained on Twitter, confirming the news leaked from the press – I’m sad because after a splendid start to the season I reached a very important part of my year with positive feelings.

Nothing to do: it has now happened. I have always had a fighting spirit, as always what I will do is work hard to recover and have patience. Once again, I thank everyone for the support,” he concluded.

Jim Courier pays tribute to Nadal

Jim Courier lavished praise on Rafael Nadal in a recent interview, remarking how highly unprecedented and impressive it is that the Spaniard still keeps racking up wins at the age of 35.

“[Rafael Nadal winning at the age of 35] just seems so foreign to me. I was already playing on the Champions Tour when I was 35,” Courier said. “The way that he just loves to compete and be able to manage his body and all his issues, it’s just inspiring.

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal

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