Canelo Alvarez is heading towards his 61st fight this Saturday, May 7, against Dmitry Bivol. The Mexican phenom will look to conquer Bivol and become the WBA super light-heavyweight champion. Ahead of the bout, the legendary boxer sat with DAZN Boxing for 10 Rounds with Canelo Alvarez.


When asked about his favorite golf player, Canelo replied, “Tiger Woods. I’ve obviously always been a fan of his. When I started playing golf, I would watch videos of him and I think he’s the best of all time.”

One can only imagine what Tiger Woods might feel once he comes to know Alvarez’s approbative words.

Canelo Alvarez swinging his hardest at golf

Canelo Alvarez has become a diligent golfer. In fact, he has opposed several important athletes who are active in competitive sports today.The legendary boxer has played golf matches against the likes of NFL star Ezekiel Elliott and NBA champion Stephen Curry.

In professional boxing, Alvarez is a 4-Divisi world champion and has more than fifty wins. Obviously, he demanded to be recognized as a emerald that shines in his main sport. On the other hand of the spectrum, in the world of golf, Tiger Woods is the same name as the glory and massive power. Woods has 82 PGA Tour, 12 International, and 14 additional wins.

Alvarez made his debut in professional boxing seventeen years ago. He was a teenager when he started and is now in his early thirties. Alvarez has grown vividly as a person and as an athlete, as much as the sports around him have grown since his arrival in 2005. With only one loss in professional boxing (to Floyd Mayweather), and over a decade of active participation, he is a true inspiration for many.

Mayweather (45) is still planning a comeback to professional boxing. Hence, 31-year-old Alvarez has plenty of time left in the sport. As Canelo already has more fights and wins than ‘Money‘, one can only imagine what his record would look like after a few more years.

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