Being appreciated by your role models is a dream come true moment. As a 90s kid, who grew up loving golf, Bryson DeChambeau considers Tiger Woods his idol. And that is why he almost teared up when Tiger once talked about him and predicted a good future for him in the sport.

“I think what Bryson has done is unprecedented,
” DeChambeau watched as Tiger said these words about him. Bridgestone Golf had surprised the younger golfer with a video of his role model talking about him during an interview. The 28-year-old seemed to be taken aback when he recognized it was a video of Tiger.

“No one has changed their entire philosophy and how they’ve gone about how they approach their golf,
” Tiger said about the Mad Scientist. Tiger explained that DeChambeau entered the sport with a technical attitude. However, he evolved his game and made use of the technology at his disposal as a merit.

Nicknamed the Mad Scientist, DeChambeau uses the scientific side of the sport. He calculates every move he makes on the golf course. His passion for science and technology has helped him grow his game. Did you know the golfer has even placed sensors inside drivers to track its movements for every shot?

It wasn’t conventional to watch golfers use analytics to calculate their next shot during a game. He even increased his body mass to hit fast and long drives. It proved to be fruitful as DeChambeau won the 2020 U. S. Open after bringing changes to his game.

tiger woods

Tiger Woods weighed in his thoughts about DeChambeau’s future!

“He is very courageous,” Tiger said. “Lot of players like myself are handsy and and hit shots differently,” he added. “Bryson’s still a field player but does it in his own way.”

The golf legend described what makes the young golfer different from other Tour players. “There’s nothing wrong with doing your own way,” he further stated.

By this time, the one-time major champion can be seen trying to fight his tears from rolling down. “The future is open to him,” Tiger further added. “He can take this game to levels,” Woods seemed confident when he said it.

DeChambeau idolizes Tiger so much that he still remembers his first meeting with him. Therefore, it is not surprising to see the Mad Scientist overwhelmed when he saw the video of Tiger.

Do you agree with Tiger? Do you think Bryson’s new approach to golf can bring good changes to the sport?

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