Will Zalatoris felt the aura of Tiger Woods at the PGA Championship.

The rising PGA Tour star said last week at Southern Hills was the first time he had witnessed Tiger Woods playing inside the ropes in the same tournament he was also competing in. During the first two rounds of the major, Zalatoris’ group was one ahead of Woods’ pairing that also included Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth.

“You’ve heard the vets say, ‘Hey, just don’t watch him, you play your own game,’ and it’s like, ‘Come on, this is the first time I get to see him really play in person and see the crowds,’” Zalatoris told reporters on Wednesday ahead of the Charles Schwab Challenge.

“The crowds Thursday-Friday I thought were bigger than Saturday-Sunday, at least in my groups. It was nuts. I played a practice round in front of him Wednesday and it was 35 people deep on [hole eight]. It was just absurd.”
Tiger woods
Will Zalatoris during the final round of the PGA Championship on May 22, 2022.

Tiger woods
Tiger Woods withdrew after the third round of the PGA Championship.

Zalatoris was in the last group on Saturday and the second until the last Sunday, finally lost in the three -hole playoff from Justin Thomas. The 25 -year -old player was also in a fight in 2021 Masters, but saw Tiger Woods in action to make it with different feelings.

“Being able to appreciate the moments (watching the forest) and somewhat present and enjoy it, that is why, for me, I almost have to – almost feel like I [have] fraud syndrome where I look back and return and leave, ‘wait, you Being in the playoffs for the PGA championship? ‘ ”

Imposter Syndrome is a feeling of fraud that comes when you compare yourself with people who are high achievers. While Tiger Woods is a legend even among his friends, Zalratoris seems to go to his own fame level in sports.

tiger woods
Will Zalatoris (left) congratulates Justin Thomas after the PGA Championship playoff.

Tiger Woods retreated after shooting 79 ugly in the third round of the PGA championship when he continued to recover from a severe foot injury suffered in a car accident last year.

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