Max Verstappen has been in top form this year. His speed, race craft, and mental strength have all become better since he won his maiden world championship. But to sustain such a form, there needs to be a support system that helps you succeed. And Verstappen finds the perfect amount of support from his partner, Kelly Piquet.

The daughter of three-time world champion, Nelson Piquet, has built quite the following for herself. From being a model to a social media manager, she has worn many caps and is a regular visitor to the F1 paddock.

So from all the modeling and other gigs that she has done, what is the Brazilian’s net worth, and how does her wealth compare with Max Verstappen?

Louis Vuitton AmbassadorLouis Vuitton Ambassador

How did Kelly Piquet create her wealth and how much is it?

According to, born in 1988, she was brought up in Homberg in Germany. However, moving from there; Kelly spent most of her childhood in France. At age 12, she moved back to Brazil and stayed there until age 15. Post that, she moved back to France and then consequently to England, in order to attend her boarding school. After graduating, Kelly then went on to work in the world of fashion.

She has worked in Vogue, Bergdorf Goodman, and is a columnist for Marie Claire Magazine. In 2015, she became Formula E’s Social Media Consultant and Blogger. While a lot isn’t known, after tons of research, a correct estimate would be that she has a net worth of about $1 million.


Apart from her time as a columnist, she also has various brand endorsement deals. As she is popular on social media, she endorses many brands on them. From APM Monaco to Only Natural Diamonds and Pepe Jeans. She is also the ambassador for the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

After winning the 2021 World Championship and completing a lifelong dream, Max Verstappen could be seen hugging Kelly Piquet. For long, they have been the dream couple in the Formula 1 paddock. And even Max Verstappen’s mother was happy about his relationship with his girlfriend. Talking to Dutch RTL Boulevard, Sophie Kumpen gave her thoughts.

“It has created a kind of family,” Kumpen said, on having Kelly and her daughter around. “I think Max may have missed that somewhere as well when he was younger. That stability has helped him this year as well, I think.”

Max Verstappen announced his relationship with the Brazilian Model at the beginning of 2021 with an Instagram post. Definitely, it has created a family for him but also, as his mother claims, creates stability for Verstappen, which he missed in his childhood.

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