Tiger Woods had to take a mandatory break due to injuries to his right leg, which kept him out of competition for several months, time he took advantage of to focus on his recovery.

Tiger Woods, injury

Now, the American golfer decided to appear on the streets of Los Angeles, where he wore shorts and showed the state of his leg, which suffered a serious injury 16 months ago when he was involved in a car accident.

During that time, doctors raised the option of losing the limb to Woods, who was able to start a rehabilitation process to maintain the mobility of his leg and alleviate pain. Due to this, the athlete was unable to compete in the Majors and recently explained that he did not feel ready to return to the field.

“My body needs more time to be strong for a championship.” The image of Tiger Woods’s leg damage went viral last weekend, because the golfer decided to take a walk with his son Charlie and watch a junior golf tournament to celebrate Father’s Day.

Tiger Woods spot

In the photo, the 15-time Major winner can be seen wearing dark pants and the scars on his right leg that make it noticeably different from the left, as the inside of the affected calf took on a different shape. The accident occurred on the outskirts of Los Angeles and, according to the authorities who attended the scene, it was caused by excessive speed, which caused Woods “comminuted open fractures” in the upper and lower part of the tibia, reviewed the media “Golf Digest”.

Tiger woods

This type of injury means that the bone has broken into more than two parts, which involves a series of surgical interventions to rebuild the damaged part with the help of nails and metal elements. For now, the player only uses an assist on his ankle, which means that he was able to achieve favorable results in his treatments, which surprised many of his fans, who expected the process to take longer.

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