Tiger Woods has always expressed his love for The Masters. He has had plenty of winning moments at the Augusta National along with several beautiful shots. Today we look back at when Tiger Woods revealed his strange strategy on one of the holes at The Masters.

Tiger Woods won his first Masters back in 1997 and then 22 years later, he went on to win his 5th. He undoubtedly has mastered the Augusta National Club.

With so much glory to his name, the 46-year-old has created strategies throughout his career. One of that strategies included trying to hit the fans on purpose.

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Tiger Woods’ secret strategy for Hole no. 2

Tiger Woods is undoubtedly one of the greatest golfers to step foot on the Augusta Golf Course. Some of his success at the Major was at the expense of the fans, most importantly the second hole at Augusta National.

For Tiger Woods, the par-5 second hole at Augusta National has historically been a good scoring hole. He has a score of 31-under on hole no. 2 and a total of 69-under in 23 Masters competitions.

Tiger Woods has to contend with a sizable audience that follows him around the golf course constantly. It appears that he previously used a cheeky tactic in which he purposefully directed his approach shot at the crowd in order to gain assistance. Woods has benefited from it on hole No. 2 at the Masters.

As far as the fans are concerned, they wouldn’t mind assisting Tiger Woods in winning another Major.

Tiger woods

Tiger Woods’ strange advice

If you think the strategy was weird enough, then wait till you read about Tiger Woods’ advice. Apparently, the advice is given to younger competitors by more experienced players.

Notah Begay, Golf Channel’s analyst, was the one who leaked out about Tiger Woods’ strategy after getting strange advice on how to approach the second hole by Woods. Begay said, “He learned from Ray Floyd in the back-right hole location, you land the ball hole-high and let it bounce into the gallery, and it hits the gallery in their feet, and it stops there, and you chip back, and you putt it in [for birdie].”

Begay’s attempt didn’t work out as he had hoped because there weren’t as many fans at his gallery. He further added, “When I did it, the gallery moved out of the way and didn’t take one for the team.”

Begay ended by saying, “My ball ended up going about 20 yards over that green, and I ended up having a really hard chip coming back to the hole.” Begay did note that Woods gave this advice when the second hole was not quite as long as it is now, so it is not clear if Woods still uses this strategy.

Regardless of what anybody says, Tiger Woods has one of the most supreme strategies on the Golf Course, thus justifying his pinnacle position in the world of sports.

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