Yewti- Davis Love III would like to see Tiger Woods in the Presidents Cup. In an interview with Eurosport, Love III explained his vision; “I think it’s just like his golf game probably – he has a desire to play, but can he actually do it?” Love III said when asked if he would like Woods to take part, as quoted by eurosport.

“He had a lot of fun sitting back and watching the Ryder Cup [in 2021] with Justin [Thomas’] dad. Tiger Woods, with his experience and quality, has always been a great help to everyone, including Davis Love III.

His advice is always welcome. “I think he likes that role a little bit more, and anything big that I do around the Tour, there’s a short list of guys that I’m going to ask for advice from, and he’s one of them, for sure”.

Tiger Woods

LIV Golf and its plans

Some plans were spoiled by LIV Golf, and now things will be much different on various fields. However, they outlined their plans and ideas that they will try to achieve. There are still players who are ready to be part of this story, and they will make this tournament what it is.

“It’s unfortunate that we look at a list and we have to skip over,” Love III said. “Obviously it’s been a little bit harder on Trevor than on me, but I know the guys that are vying for the team now are super committed to the PGA Tour and are very excited about the Presidents Cup.
“When we get to the Presidents Cup, it’s going to be 12 guys that are ready to go and play.

And it’s business as usual for our assistant captains, our stats team and the players. It’s business as usual, but it is a little bit of a distraction”

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