After losing the first set and canceling six consecutive break points in the first service game of the second, Jannik Sinner inflicted a severe lesson on Carlos Alcaraz and deservedly won his sixth career ATP title in Umag.

The Italian showed all the progress he has made under the guidance of Simone Vagnozzi and Darren Cahill. At the press conference, the Italian tennis player wanted to thank the new members of the team for his work in recent months.

“First title of the season? The road to reach the level I want is long. We are working hard, we have made many changes and winning a tournament is always special. It is the first tournament won with the new team, so it is even more special.

I dedicate this title to all the people who have always been close to me. A tennis player does not win a tournament alone” Paolo Bertolucci commented on the final between Sinner and Alcaraz on the microphones of the Adnkronos news agency.

The magnificent performance of the transalpine did not surprise the former Italian tennis player. “We’ve been saying for two years that he has a lot of chances, so he wouldn’t call his success against Alcaraz a surprise,” Bertolucci explained.

“Jannik still has to complete himself from a physical point of view and he must introduce a couple of variants in his game, experience will do the rest. He has played less than 200 matches as a professional and is already in the Top-10.”

Carlos Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz is a young champion

Carlos Alcaraz’s physical trainer Alberto Lledo, speaking to Agencia EFE after the 19-year-old’s defeat to Sinner, tried to point out the reason behind the loss. “I don’t think Carlos [Alcaraz] is lacking in spark and what could have weighed him down in the lost final this Sunday against [Jannik] Sinner was on a mental level because he had a great first set and started the second the same, but losing six break points in a row affected him And there, without a doubt, was the key against a rival who was very good, displaying great tennis and very stable mentally,” Lledo said, via Eurosport.

“Carlos can improve some aspects that have to do with hip rotation and reaction speed, but he is a genetic and physical marvel and he adds a lot of work to that, because without effort it is not possible to be at the level that is required,” Lledo said.

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