Many young players, like Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas, consider Tiger Woods as their role model. They share their strategies, talk about personal things and laugh with him on and off the course. However, there was a time when his colleagues used to get intimidated by him; when he used to rule the golf world.

Woods dominated professional golf from 1996 to the end of the 2000s. During this time, he had won 50+ titles on the PGA Tour itself, and 14 of his 15 major championships. Everyone considered him unbeatable, and the golfer knew that.

His incredible golfing and his records were intimidating enough for almost all the golfers of that time. Additionally, his self-awareness and confidence also made him dominant over his opponents.

tiger woods

Tiger Woods oozed confidence on the practice range

“I can’t control you,” the 82-time PGA champion explained to the audience who sat at the range to see him practice. “The only thing I can control is me,” he added. Furthermore, he stated, “now, if I do this more efficiently than you if you get intimidated, that’s your own f***ing issue.”

According to, the golfer addressed the gathered crowd during the Tiger Jam Charity event. He shared his words of wisdom to encourage and boost confidence among the aspiring youth.

Notably, Tiger Jam Charity Event, as the name suggests, is an annual fundraising program the golfer conducts, and the youth programs of the TGR Foundation benefit from it. Playing golf with the legendary golfer, music concerts, other forms of entertainment, and philanthropy are the main attractions of Tiger Jam.

According to its official website, in 21 years of conducting the fundraising event, it has raised $22 million for the TGR Foundation. Notably, Woods conducted the two-day Jam this year on April 29 and 30.

Other beneficial ventures of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is an incredible golfer who dominated the modern golf era throughout his career. However, he didn’t want to tie himself with just one title, and hence started doing business with the brand name TGR.

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