Rafael Nadal amazed everyone in the first part of the season, considering that he had just returned from a long stop due to injury. The Spanish champion has conquered the first two majors of 2022, removing the specter of retirement and proving for the umpteenth time that he is a living legend.

The former world number 1 also attempted the feat at Wimbledon, reaching the semi-final after struggling in the first rounds. Due to an abdominal tear in the quarterfinals against Taylor Fritz, Rafa was unable to face Nick Kyrgios for a place in the final.

The 22-time Grand Slam champion has been back in training for a couple of weeks, but still feels a little pain when making the serve move. Not wanting to risk jeopardizing the US Open, the 36-year-old from Manacor has decided to skip the Masters 1000 in Montreal.

It is still unclear whether the Iberian will play the Cincinnati tournament or whether he will return directly to Flushing Meadows later this month. During a long interview with ‘Tennis Magazin’, Mischa Zverev praised Nadal for his tactical acumen.

Rafael Nadal

Mischa Zverev on Rafa Nadal

During a very nice interview with Tennis Magazin centered on the serve and volley, a technique of which Mischa Zverev was a worthy representative when he was still on the courts, Alexander’s brother took the opportunity to talk about Rafael Nadal who never hesitate to use this weapon at crucial points.

“The players, especially Medvedev, are preparing for long rallies. This is the tactic of building the point from behind. Rafa constantly analyzes the game and he knows when it is smart to create surprise moments. He often does something new or unexpected when trailing, such as when there is a break point against him.

After a very long game, advantage – deuce – advantage – deuce, he suddenly throws a serve and volley. He does it when you least expect it, in a stressful situation. If Rafa played serve and volley all the time, it wouldn’t work.”

Earlier, the 22-time Grand Slam champion, Nadal took to Twitter and provided an update regarding his recovery from the abdominal injury. He tweeted, “From the vacation days and my subsequent return to training, everything has gone well these weeks.

Four days ago I also started training the service and yesterday, after training, I had a little discomfort that was still there today”. After announcing sad news for the Canadian Open, he is uncertain now for the US Open as well.

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