Phil Mickelson is the face of golf today. The 52-year-old athlete is the highest-paid golfer in the world, according to Forbes. However, along with his bank accounts filled with money, the golfer also has a heart filled with sympathy. It was made clear after he made a kind donation towards a special cause once.

Phil Mickelson and his huge donation

Phil Mickelson has been one of the most humble and generous personalities in the golf world. People often judge him for the amount of money he spends on himself and has even called him a “showoff.” But it wouldn’t be fair to only look at one side of the coin.

Phil Mickelson is also highly known for his random acts of kindness. During The Match 3 Champions for Change, Mickelson made the huge announcement of donating $500,000 to the Jackson State University in Jackson, Miss. It is a black college as per what history suggests.

“I am not knowledgeable, I am not qualified to talk about race, okay?” said Mickelson on a podcast. “As a white male, I’ll never be able to understand the challenges that Black America goes through, but I want to be part of the solution.” But this is not the only time he took a generous step toward a good cause. The golf ace never hesitates in spending his money to help the people in need.

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson explained the reason behind the donation

Phil Mickelson recalled a story from his childhood when he didn’t have enough resources to play. He said, “When I was 8 years old, I had a gift and a passion for the game of golf — I loved it, but I didn’t have the opportunity necessarily to practice my craft,”

Talking about the man who gave him his first opportunity in golf, he said, “That gentleman took a chance on me and gave me an opportunity, and had he not, I never would’ve been able to play golf at the level I would have wanted…sometimes you just need a chance, you just need an opportunity.”

Mickelson later explained that the reason he donated the money was to provide opportunities to the needy. He said, “we use golf as a way to create change…but also to raise money to create opportunities,”

Lefty and his fellow golfers are trying their best to provide opportunities to the ones who need them the most. Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas have also made several efforts to give young golfers a platform to grow their game. Mickelson has made it to the top because of all the blessings and good wishes he has received. And hopefully, he will be responsible for the welfare of so many people around the world.

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