Tiger Woods is one of the biggest names in the world of sports. His son Charlie Woods has shown that he could have the same fate as his father. Woods Jr. is only 11 years old, but his talent is already noticeable. Many predict a great career for him, but it is too early for any predictions.

Charlie Woods excelled at the US Kids Golf event in Palm City, Florida. He shot 3-under in nine holes, which brought him the victory, and by a large margin compared to the runner-up. His father, Tiger Woods, does not miss the opportunity to follow his son and is his biggest fan.

It is unnecessary to say what kind of role model Charlie will have. Tiger Woods will be of great help to him during his career and there are many things he can learn from his father. Tiger Woods was even a caddy for his son in several matches this year.

If he is anywhere near as good as his father, Charlie will have a great career and be a big name in the world of golf.

Tiger Woods charlie Woods

Tiger Woods on his son

Tiger Woods, in an interview for the PGA Tour 8 months ago, watched clips of Charlie and himself playing golf.

There are many similarities between father and son, which Tiger also noticed. However, he singled out two things that he immediately noticed about himself and his son. “Two things that stick out: the timing of the twirls and the pick up of the tee,” he said, according to Yahoo!

News. Tiger Woods and his son have the same allergy. “We both have allergies so we both struggle on the golf course. We get wind blowing and we’re both sniffing”. It is interesting how many things little Charlie has already ‘picked up’ from his father. No one is bothered by such things because Charlie really has someone to look up to.

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