Simone Biles is the name one looks up to in the gymnastics world. Unsurprisingly, her flawless jumps and perfect landings never fail to overwhelm fans. Apart from her professional life, Biles kept her private life pretty transparent for her admirers. It has been two years since the athlete started dating footballer Jonathan Owens. Earlier this year, the power couple celebrated their engagement in Houston, Texas.

Although Biles and Owens have not revealed their wedding destination yet, her mother Nellie, left a clue for fans back in 2016.

Simone Biles

Where is Simone Biles getting married?

Since the age of 6, the athlete turned towards gymnastics and never gave up despite numerous obstacles. Not just in sports but in her life as well, Biles never backed off. The athlete is soon about to tie the knot with her boyfriend, now fiance, Jonathan Owens.

Up until now, there is no confirmation regarding the wedding location from the two. Despite that, fans might have already taken a rough guess about the same.

Back in 2016, when the Rio Olympics were near the mark, Nellie shared in an interview that Biles wanted to get married in Belize.

“Simone said, when she gets married, it’s going to be in Belize,” said Biles’ mother.
SimoneBelize | Simone Biles’ Mother Exposed Her Daughter’s Wedding Destination Long Before She Met Future Husband Jonathan Owens | The Paradise News

It’s not just the US that Biles is a part of; the gymnast has dual citizenship and is also a native of Belize, a central American country. Her mother, Nellie, grew up in that city and moved to the US when she was 18.

The athlete is undoubtedly adored by many, including the citizens of Belize. But coming back to the main question, is Biles really going for Belize?

Owens vs Belize: Who does Biles love more?

Simone Biles started dating Jonathan Owens back in March 2020. To celebrate one year of togetherness, the couple decided to travel to Belize.

Both the iconic personalities took it to Instagram and shared several pictures of themselves. One picture that caught fans’ attention the most was the one where she compared her love for Owens and Belize.

The picture showed Owens holding Biles’ hands from the back. The caption said, “I love you more than I love Belize and that’s a lot.“

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