Former WTA Tour professional Barbara Schett believes the chances of Andy Murray impressing at a Grand Slam are fading fast.

Schett has pointed out that his injury worries extend beyond his longstanding hip issues.

She feels that Murray is only going to have more injury concerns and niggles to deal with as his career progresses.

Andy Murray has insisted that he will continue to play as long as he sees progress in his game and hasn’t said that he wants to win another slam.

The Scot has reached a tour final this season and had plenty of encouraging moments but many doubt his ability to sustain high-level.
tennis, including Schett.

“Physically, it’s not going to get easier for Andy Murray,” Schett told Eurosport.

“It’s not just the hips, those injuries he has had.

“Usually, the older you get, the bigger of a task it is to keep your body fit and healthy, and I’ve seen it numerous times that the older players, the more they are suffering with cramps, the more they are sweating.

“That seems to be a little bit of the case with Andy Murray. Also, the stress level to be able to perform because you’re running out of time, that adds to that whole situation.

“Clearly, things are not going overly well. We will never find out when Andy Murray is going to retire because he probably doesn’t know.

“But I’m sure that that beginning of the American stint, he would have liked it to have been a little bit better.

“So I’m sure he is going to review things very shortly or after the US Open, and then we just have to wait and see.”

After his most recent loss, to Cameron Norrie in Cincy, Murray felt there will still plenty of positives for him to take from his performance.

He told a press conference: “It was some good stuff. It was some not so good.

“I didn’t feel there was, from my end anyway, at times I felt like I played really well and then at times didn’t. Say, like, my consistency maybe was not where I’d want it. But there was some positive tennis in there at times.

“I definitely had enough opportunities to win that match.”
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Andy Murray has admitted that he has been concerned about the number of times he has suffered cramp on the North American swing.

When asked what has caused the cramping Murray said: “I don’t know. I mean, I think pretty much every tennis player in their career has cramped usually in these sorts of conditions that we have had and sort of Newport, Washington, and here.

“But the consistency of it for me is a big concern. You know, it’s not something that I have really experienced. I have experienced cramping but not consistently like over a number of tournaments.

“Yeah, big concern for me, because, you know, it’s not easy to play, you know, when it gets bad like it was at the end.

“Yeah, I feel like it had an impact on the end of the match.

“I’m not saying whether I would for sure win the match or not, but it certainly affected the way that I played a little bit right at the end, you know, from the middle of that set.

“You know, the same against Stan, I was fortunate to get through that one. I was lucky. You know, was a break down obviously in that set.

“You know, it was a problem, yeah, like I said in Washington against Ymer. I was really struggling for a good set and a half and certainly impacted the way I was able to play in that match.

“Newport, I was really lucky because it happened in the very last game and I was ahead. You know, I managed to hold serve in that last game, but if I didn’t, you know, who knows?

“It’s, yeah, a big concern for me, that, and something that I need to address and find a solution for.

“No one knows exactly why cramps happen.

“You know, there is many reasons, whether it’s hydration, whether it’s the food that you have taken in, whether it’s fatigue and lack of conditioning, stress.

“So, yeah, need to try and understand what’s going on there.”

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