‘Failure is not fatal, provided the courage to continue is stronger!’ In sports, athletes have days when their perseverance is tested. For Simone Biles, becoming the gymnastics GOAT was never easy. The jouney did have its own set of hardships and hurdles. But it was her ‘Courage to Soar’ that kept her going.


When Simone is on the stage performing, she endeavors to give her best. The young gymnast failed to deliver what she considered “the best” during the US Olympic gymnastics trials.

Disappointment for Simone Biles

Finishing second on the table is undeniably an achievement, but for Simone, not the best performance. On day two of the trials, Simone pulled off back-to-back skills. Even though only a handful could have dared to attempt it, the 25-year-old was disappointed because her landings were lackluster.

And she was pretty disappointed. Expressing her disappointment with herself, she said, “I want to die.” Though the message was just for Biles, the mics placed caught her off guard. Having a bad day, the gymnast walked away after hugging her coaches to join her teammate.

Summing up her experience at the vault, she managed only two words, “Those sucked.” However, when the trials ended, Biles managed to finish at the top of the table. At the same time, her friend and teammate Suni Lee finished second.

Simone Biles

Simone Biles ready for Paris Olympics?

After the winning streak in Rio, the audience hoped Simone would make records at the Tokoyo 2020 Olympics. However, owing to mental health issues, Simone decided to withdraw her name. While many supported Simone’s decision, others held a different opinion. Undeterred by any views, Simone stood by her decision.

Will Simone be participating in Paris? It is still a big question! About her participation, Simone said, “I think right now I still have to heal mentally and physically. So, I will be in Paris.”

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