Tiger Woods and his dating history have made rounds more than once. The golfer was once well renowned as a family man, but with time things changed for him.

Olympic Alpine skiing legend, Lindsey Vonn, was one of the women who people really thought Woods would settle down with. The two seemed pretty serious for each other. But things did not turn out to be as expected and the two had to mutually end the relationship. But what caused things to end between them?

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn: the major reason behind their relationship’s unfortunate end

Tiger Woods and Vonn started dating in 2013. The two seemed serious about one another. However, their bond came to an end in 2015. The major reason for their eventual end was their incredibly hectic lifestyles.

For anyone engaged in the Sports World, hectic schedules are a norm. Since relationships require time and effort from both ends, sometimes that doesn’t work out well for athletes.

Since, both Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods were active players in their respective fields, giving the time and effort must have been a lot to deal with. Thus, they decided to end their bond mutually.

However, the two ended their relationship on a positive note and chose to remain friends even after the end of their romantic relationship.

Tiger woods

Tiger Woods and his current dating life

Tiger Woods has been dating Erica Herman for the last 5 years. Woods and Herman were first openly spotted together in September 2017. Erica wore a “player spouse” credential which is reserved for players’ spouses.

Erica has been a pillar of strength for Tiger Woods. She has chosen to stick with him throughout his lows. He wins or he loses, he finds Erica around the corner. The comforting relationship he has with Herman is truly admirable.

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