PiBridge has reportedly commenced rewarding Pioneers with huge tokens, as huge as 100.000Pi as a way to show appreciation for their overwhelming supports in the past few weeks since the platform was unveiled.

The development team says “in order to scale up the community, connect with more Pioneers and also enable users to easily experience the upcoming utilities on the ecosystem, it became paramount for PiBridge to run the “PiBridge Connection” campaign with a total reward of up to 100,000Pi.”

According to a report available on its telegram group “PiBridge Channel”, the PiBridge Connection started yesterday, September 15th and it’s scheduled to end on October 15th, 2022.

How to grab your reward?

Rewards are not given at random, there’s a simple task required of pioneers before they may be rewarded:

1. The first thing is to post a photo with an introduction to PiBridge.

2. Use hashtags #PiBridge and #PiBridgeorg simultaneously.

3. Lastly, submit report to the link below

In case you are not aware

PiBridge is a trustless gateway that unleashes the barrier between the Pi (π) network and other blockchains, making Pi accessible and approachable to the public and offering a new permissionless and transparent financial tool to the Pi community.

With faith in the future value of Pi and the connectivity, the team of PiBridge aims to open the gateway to connect Pi and other blockchains, allowing data to flow and Pi holders to freely travel between the networks. This is also a pre-opened way for Pi holders to take advantage of the asset’s value.

PiBridge will issue Wrapped Pi (WPi) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to allow Pi holders to interact with other digital assets on BSC. The bridge will be further extended to other large networks including Polygon, Cosmos, etc.

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