Pi Network has reportedly added a new digital mall to it’s ecosystem, fully integrated for testnet as the company awaits official launching of the Mainnet which could be the final stage of a fully developed web 3.0 platform in a short while.

The new digital mall PiDao has eight categories for the testnet which includes Pi live test, pi DAO mall, pi public welfare test, pi I NFT test, pi swap test, pi game test, pi takeout test, pi coupon test. The mall has already been deployed for the public or the community of pioneers globally, though the primary language is Chinese and at the time of filling this report, pioneers has the option to change from the Chinese language to English, Russian, Korean, German Italian, Japanese and a few other languages.

Also available on the PiDao mall is the Pi Metaverse, the metaverse is a speculative interaction of the Web as a solitary, universal and vivid virtual world that is worked with by the utilization of computer generated reality and augmented reality headsets. In conversational use, a metaverse is an organization of 3D virtual world zeroed in on social connection.

In a separate development, the Pi Network’s Core Team has warned pioneers that exchanging Pi for fiat currencies before the launch of the Mainnet is strongly prohibited. This was revealed through its official twitter handle @PiCoreTeam. The tweet reads;

“The Pi Enclosed Network period of Mainnet prohibits the exchange of Pi for fiat currency, the exchange of Pi for other cryptocurrencies, and the transfer for Pi for a future promise of fiat or other cryptocurrencies.”


In case you are not aware

PiDao mall is an online marketplace where pioneers are expected to purchase their desired items using the native PiCoin.

Pi Network has officially announced the conclusion of the Pi Hackathon and it’s making conclusive efforts to move to the next phase of the project which is the launch of the Mainnet.

PiBridge is an independent platform but will be participating primarily Pi Network’s Mainnet transactions especially when it involves transferring piCoin to another Blockchain. PiBridge will be issuing Pi as wrapped PiCoin (PiB).

Buying and selling take place in Pi network clubhouse(https://web.facebook.com/piescrow) However you send USDT to escrow Befor pi coin will be release

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