Rafael Nadal couldn’t hold back his strong emotions and even he cried continuously for Roger Federer. The Spaniard was far from impassive during the Laver Cup homage to the Swiss Maestro, who finally said goodbye to the tennis world and gave a very heartwarming and touching farewell at the center of London’s O2 Arena.

The Spanish champion hugged his Swiss friend several times and practically let himself go right from the start. The Majorcan’s tears did not go unnoticed and really hit everyone, both the audience in the stands and the fans and fans not present in the plant.

The Spaniard did not hold back his emotions during the homage to the Swiss

An aspect that underlines how the bond of friendship between Roger and Rafa is something beautiful and perhaps indescribable. The video of the greeting between the two legends was published by Eurosport through its social channels.

Below the moving video:


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