ALAN BRAZIL has questioned Andy Murray’s Ibrox appearance last week after the tennis star made a cheeky dig towards the talkSPORT host.

The two-time Wimbledon champion wished Ally McCoist a happy birthday on the radio before revealing that he hoped to make the Rangers hero out for a meal.

But Murray wasn’t so keen on taking McCoist’s radio partner in crime in Brazil.

He said: “Happy birthday, Ally – I hope you have a great day. I’d love to go out to dinner with him. Would Alan Brazil even like to go to dinner with me? I’ve only heard him slagging me off on the radio.”

Brazil then hit back, saying: “Andy’s got selective hearing, he has.

“I have shouted him on in most [most?] tournaments, big tournaments he’s played in, but he obviously wasn’t listening.

“And don’t give me you’re a Hibs fan, by the way, you were at Ibrox the other day. Don’t give me that! If he supports Hibs, my name’s Argentina.

“Let me tell you, Andy would have won a lot more if it hadn’t been some of the greatest ever around him. If he was in a different era, he’d have about 15 Grand Slams.”

McCoist then chipped in, adding: “The only thing I would say is that I would advise him very strongly to bring that Wimbledon winners’ cheque with him, because I’m capable of blowing that on a starter. And I’ll make sure I say some good things about you, Al.”

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