LEWIS HAMILTON has been unable to battle Max Verstappen for the title this season.

Lewis Hamilton looks set to prove Martin Brundle and Ted Kravitz wrong after the pair both predicted the seven-time champion could quit F1. The pundits thought Hamilton was likely to walk away if he was not competitive at Mercedes but the Briton has since hinted he may be ready to sign a contract extension.

Brundle suggested that if Hamilton was unable to fight for the title he may have stopped enjoying the sport and been enticed to walk away. Speaking ahead of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Brundle said: “As long as he’s still enjoying the bits around F1 or he can tolerate those bits around F1 and balance it out with just loving driving the car, [he’ll stay].

“[But] if he goes through the whole year and Mercedes are third fastest and others are catching them up, then I suspect he’ll take a different view and my enjoyment analogy will play out in that he won’t be enjoying it anymore.” Meanwhile, Kravitz claimed Hamilton was “thinking about the future” after struggling at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

His comments came after Hamilton finished outside the points in 13th, just weeks after finishing 10th in Jeddah.

The Sky Sports host also claimed Hamilton may be “tired of F1” and questioned if he was willing to wait for Mercedes to sort out its issues. Kravitz explained: “Where does Lewis go from here? Well, clearly he’s annoyed. Is he now thinking about the future? Clearly, he likes things that are going right, he likes fighting, he likes being on the podium.”

He added: “But is he prepared to wait for it considerably while Mercedes sort themselves out and the car gets back to where it’s going to be.” Hamilton squashed the rumours after Imola, revealing that it was not in his DNA to quit during a rough patch.

Since the opening part of the season, results have dramatically improved with Hamilton always scoring points when he reaches the chequered flag.

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The Mercedes driver has now scored six podium finishes this season including five consecutive between Canada and Hungary. He also came close to winning the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort and looked on the pace at the British Grand Prix.

Addressing his own future, Hamilton admitted he had thought about “extending” his contract as he “still loves driving”. Speaking ahead of the Italian Grand Prix, the seven-time champion also claimed he could stay at Mercedes for another 100 races.

He told Canal+: “As crazy as it is, 300 is such a huge number of races, yet I feel young and fresh. I still feel just as energised as I was five years ago. It’s just a number. I could go to 400 probably.”

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