Lewis Hamilton says it is “imperative” that suitable punishments are meted out for any team found to have broken Formula 1’s budget cap.

The FIA will reveal on Monday which teams exceeded it last season, after delaying the publication.

Hamilton said: “I like to think that if it’s being delayed, it’s because it’s being taken very seriously.

“It would be bad for the sport if action wasn’t taken if there was a breach.”

Hamilton’s Mercedes team and Ferrari both said at last weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix that it was an open secret that two teams broke the cost cap last season.

And it is widely expected within the sport that Red Bull and Aston Martin will be found not to have been in compliance in 2021 when the results are published.

Senior sources have told BBC Sport that if any team is found to have been in breach last year, the offence is likely to be minor.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has insisted that he is “absolutely confident” in Red Bull’s submission to the FIA, adding: “We believe we are comfortably within the cap.”

Hamilton, who was engaged in a close battle with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in the championship last year, said he had “trust” in FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem to “do what is right for the sport”.

The seven-time champion said: “It is imperative, for transparency, [that punishments are handed out].

“We need to continue to have transparency for the fans and the integrity of the sport. I know there are a lot of conversations in the background. No one truly knows. There are different numbers and things being said here and there.”

He said that if a team is found to be in breach “it would put in question our values and transparency [as a sport]”.

He added: “As a driver you are always asking for updates. In Silverstone, we got our last update and that was [worth] almost 0.3secs. And I am pretty certain it cost less than a million. Maybe in time [working hours] it cost more.

“I remember after that needing more updates but seeing trucks of updates continuing to arrive on the other car [Red Bull], and I was thinking it is going to be difficult to beat them in the championship if they keep bringing updates.

“It is so integral to the development race. If we had had another half a million to spend, we would have been in a different position at some of the following races, if we had bought another floor, which we could easily have done.

“But that’s not the name of the game and I’m grateful our team is very strict and abides by it. It needs to be taken seriously.”

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