Former world No. 25 Mischa Zverev says he is unsure if Novak Djokovic will ever again reach the top spot. Djokovic, 35, is still perfectly healthy and exceptionally prepared, but he is unvaccinated and that may again prevent him from competing in certain tournaments.

This year, Djokovic missed two Grand Slams and four Masters events. Because of that, Djokovic plummeted to No. 7 in the world. In a conversation with Markus Paszehr of Eurosport Germany – Eurosportplux, Zverev explained why we may never again see Djokovic on the top spot.

Zverev: Will Novak Djokovic be able to play the Australian Open?

“The way Novak looks, he can play another three or four years,” Zverev told Eurosport on Instagram live. “Age is only a number if you do everything right on and off the court like Novak.

But I don’t know if he will be world No. 1 again. The big issue will be: Will he play the Australian Open? If it goes badly and later in the year there are no ranking points at Wimbledon again, he would potentially be 4000 points short.”

After being deported from Australia earlier this year, Djokovic was also handed a three-year ban from entering the country. But when the Australian authorities handed a three-year ban to Djokovic, they also said he could return to the country earlier “under the right circumstances.”

10 months have passed since the Australia visa debacle and Australia has a new Prime Minister. In recent months, Australia relaxed its COVID-19 safety measures and unvaccinated foreigners can now enter the country. What Djokovic now needs is to have his ban from entering Australia lifted.

“It’s really not in my hands right now,” Djokovic said at the Laver Cup, when asked about his Australia situation. “So I’m hoping I will get some positive news.” Djokovic is a record nine-time Australian Open champion.

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