LIV Golf alliance with MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) tour, made LIV Golfers happy. This will also mean that they will earn ranking points. Phil Mickelson is happy about this partnership. “I think from a player standpoint, it feels great to have everyone at LIV fighting so hard for the players and their best interests,” Mickelson said for skysports.

“I think for the World Golf Rankings, this is a great way to keep its credibility, while not bringing in politics into the decision-making process. I think it’s good for all parties.” Phil Mickelson revealed he’s not worried.

“The reason I’m not concerned is that the number of points are based on the quality of the field and not the organisation that’s running the tournament, and the quality of our field is remarkably strong. I’m sure for the world golf rankings to maintain their credibility, they’ll continue to award the proper number of points that the tournaments deserve for all tours.

Given the many obstacles that we have had to face from those trying to stop it, I think it’s a great way to do this in addition to adding in a developmental tour for the Asian Tour who will be our feeding tour going forward.

I think it’s a win on all parts.”

Dustin Johnson reacted

Dustin Johnson was relieved after everything. He is aware that this is a big deal for everyone. This will motivate the players on the Tour, even more, to continue with quality performances.

“For me, I think we deserve them [world ranking points],” Johnson said. “I think obviously with the quality of players we have out here, the events we’re having, we should have them. I think it’s fair.

I think it’s very smart and strategic the way they’re going about it, but hopefully they make the right decision and give us World Ranking points.”

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