Speaking on the Black Girls Texting podcast, Serena Williams unveiled the one responsible for the catchy name of the famous Qai Qai doll, who also stars as the main character of the tennis icon’s new children’s book.

“It was so authentic. Olympia was carrying this doll holding her arm. My nephew actually called this doll Qai Qai. We were trying to think of some names. He came up with Qai Qai. At the time, Olympia was like one and she couldn’t really speak.

She could only do sounds. It was genius. I didn’t want to give her a name like Molly. I wanted her to have a name that really represented black culture and black people. That means a lot to me. Now she (Olympia) names her dolls Keisha or Natasha.

Who is Qai Qai in Serena’s new book

Serena Williams’ recently launched children’s book is called The Adventures of Qai Qai.

Here is the book’s description: “From superstar athlete, record breaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist (and mama) Serena Williams, comes a magical picture book in which a little girl learns to believe in herself with the help of her doll and best friend, Qai Qai.

“Don’t be scared, Best Friend! I’m right here with you, always!”
“But what if I’m not good enough?”
“Girl!” Qai Qai answered. “You’re already good enough when you walk in the door!Come on, let me show you”.

Baby Girl has a dance recital coming up, and she can’t help but worry. She’s practiced and practiced, but what if something goes wrong? What if she forgets the steps or freezes up during her solo?

Luckily, her best friend Qai Qai the doll has her back!

When Qai Qai comes to life, they go on a magical journey that shows Baby Girl that she’s ready for the stage.

The Adventures of Qai Qai, a heartwarming picture book from beloved athlete Serena Williams, shows readers the power of believing—in your best friend and in yourself.

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