Serbian tennis superstar Novak Djokovic has revealed that a new type of insect has been named after him. Recently, researchers found a new type of insect in western Serbia. After taking some time to choose the name, the researchers decided to call the insect “Duvalius djokovici”

On Friday, just before his Astana Open quarterfinal match against Karen Khachanov, Djokovic took to Instagram the news from the country of him. In a recent appearance on the Biznis Price podcast, Srdjan Djokovic was asked to answer why his son is not as well-liked in tennis.

Srdjan gave a very interesting explanation as he feels that some have a problem with seeing a Serb dominating the game of tennis. “Novak is not giving any reason not to be loved. Why does that happen? I do not know. Probably because it is a bourgeois sport, because it was created by the English for their upper class.

Then a Serb from a small, poor country shows up, and he’s the best in his sport for the last 15 years; now it is also our sport. They have to accept that the center of the tennis world has moved to Eastern Europe, to the East of the world.

They will have to accept it whether they like it or not,” Srdjan Djokovic said during his appearance on the Biznis Price podcast. Meanwhile, Djokovic has returned to action after a two-month absence. Last week, Djokovic went all the way in the first edition of the Tel Aviv Open.

This week, Djokovic is having a good run at the Astana Open, where he has reached the quarterfinals.

Nole Djokovic won 21 Slams

Former Serbian player and coach Petar Popovic recently joined Craig Shapiro on his podcast and spoke about 21-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic and his team.

“I know them very well because we are a small country and we have traveled together and I have known him since he was very young. The first thing that I’ll say about Novak is that for me, he is the best tennis player regarding helping others.

He’s amazing. He was fighting for players who are ranked 100-150, which he didn’t need to do,” he said. “He also has a national center here and he’s giving free practice to the best of Serbians and Croatians.

He’s really a giving person and I’m not saying it because he’s Serbian, I’m stating facts,” he added. “The thing about vaccination is that I’m not sharing his point of view. I was the first one to get vaccinated. So I have 180° different point of view about that,” he stated.

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