The Princess of Wales and her husband made their first tour of Northern Ireland

Kate Middleton and Prince William recovered their schedule of activities, after the mourning for the death of Queen Elizabeth II, but now as Prince and Princess of Wales, heirs to the British throne. This implies that they visit the different countries that make up the United Kingdom and have not always been received with all the affection of their subjects.

The unpleasant moment for Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Princess

A few days ago, Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales had an unpleasant moment during her visit, along with her husband in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland, during the first official trip: the royal couple was walking in front of a crowd, when Kate approached to greet a group of women, where she was rebuked by an Irish nationalist citizen, in the community of Carrickfergus, in Belfast.

After interacting with the people, a woman in a green jacket, greeted the princess and without letting go of her hand said: “Nice to meet you, but it would be better if it was when you were in your own country” and added: “Ireland belongs to the Irish”.

The moment was captured on video and went viral on social media. Apparently, the only one who did not notice the situation was Prince William, who was walking several steps ahead.

A refined and classy reaction from Kate Middleton

After the awkward moment, Middleton simply smiled, let go of the woman’s hand and continued waving to the crowd, as a reflection of the role of the royals in the face of the emancipatory currents in the United Kingdom that seek the fragmentation of the country.

The reaction of the Princess of Wales was applauded on social networks for the way she handled the situation: “Princess Kate’s response was pure elegance and calm”, “Always cool and calm”, “Princess Kate’s response was pure elegance and calm”, “Always cool, calm and calm”, “She didn’t even take a step back, that’s why she is ‘Kate the Great'”, “Kate handled it beautifully, such a serene and charming princess”, were some of the comments on Twitter, where initially more than 20 views were generated on Twitter.

The island of Ireland has a complicated relationship with the United Kingdom, after having been occupied for hundreds of years. The island was divided in the 20th century and the Republic of Ireland gained independence from the United Kingdom, while Northern Ireland remains part of the union, though there has been growing support in Northern Ireland for discussions about a possible new union with the Republic of Ireland instead. A referendum may come in the near future on the matter.

Subsequently, Kate and William continued their tour of Northern Ireland where they made a one-day tour of the region.

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