One of the most talked-about conspiracy theories surrounding the Royal Family is the circumstances around Lady Diana’s untimely death in Paris.

It was a car accident that shocked the world and since it happened, many people have wondered if it wasn’t such an accident after all given she did not always fit in with Royal ideals.

An offshoot of all of this, is the suggestion that one of her sons, Prince Harry, actually has a different father. He is known to be the sun of Diana and the now King Charles III, but many believe that a different man is behind that particular pregnancy.

A complicated marriage

Lady Di met King Charles III in 1981 when he was visiting her sister for a weekend, she was 16 and he was 28.

It was always known that Charles was having a long ongoing affair with Camilla Parker and that led to great humiliation for the mother of Prince Harry and Prince William.

Dodi Al-Fayed

She therefore had plenty of her own relationships before her death and it s known by all that her last great love was Dodi Al-Fayed, the person who died with her in that accident in 1997.

The horse-riding instructor

There is another person who marked her life forever and that was the army rider James Hewitt, who was Lady Di’s riding instructor for several years.

There was always a rumor that this man was the legitimate father of Prince Harry since they both have red hair and their features are very similar.

This led Diana to say during an interview for the BBC: “I adored him, yes. But I was abandoned by him”.

Her official biographer, Andrew Norton, commented that the meetings took place at the home of the rider’s mother, far from the royal eye and that Diana used another name to go unnoticed.

But all the arguments were demolished when James Hewitt declared in 2002: “I can understand everyone’s interest, but Prince Harry was already walking when my relationship with Diana began”.

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