The golf legend Tiger Woods is not enjoying the best time of his life. Multiple injuries, followed by a near-fatal car accident, eventually landed Woods somewhere fans never imagined. His popularity reached every corner of the world because of his skills and golf techniques.

And the spirit of not giving up made him the Woods everyone loves. But now the tables have turned, the time has changed, and the former no.1 is not part of the World’s Top 50 Most Marketable Athletes. Fans can see some unexpected names on the list, but Woods was nowhere to be found. Let’s see which 50 athletes were able to make it.

Is Tiger Woods losing the spark?

Maybe it’s the dark times that have come upon the fans of Woods that he is not a marketable athlete anymore. At least not in the top 50. The person who was no.2 in 2015, is nowhere in the top 50. This came as a shock to every fan.

Once his friend said he was not as marketable as the world saw him. He has an introverted personality. Woods is aloof and likes to be left alone in the room to read books. According to ‘Celebrity Net Worth’, his net worth is $800 Million, and he earns $50-60 million in a year from all his endeavors. But now, the authorities don’t think of him as someone who deserves to be top 50 marketable athletes in the 13th-year ranking.

Tiger Woods No Longer

They did not consider Woods to have the dynamic nature of athlete marketability in today’s digital age. Because, SportsPro, in collaboration with NorthStar, used enhanced science, which was beyond the metrics, to find out which athlete offers the most value to the brands today.

Who aced the top 50 positions of 2022?

SportsPro used robust and multi-dimensional methods to find the top 50 athletes with a competitive edge in today’s digital era. After a considerable amount of analysis of critical statistics, they came up with the top 50 marketable athletes.

SportsPro’s 50 Most Marketable Athletes

1. Cristiano Ronaldo, Soccer
2. Serena Williams, Tennis
3. Lewis Hamilton, Motorsport
4. LeBron James, Basketball
5. Lionel Messi, Soccer
6. Naomi Osaka, Tennis
7. Virat Kohli, Cricket
8. Alex Morgan, Soccer
9. Sam Kerr, Soccer
11. Simone Biles, Gymnastic
12. Emma Raducanu, Tennis
13. Alexia Putellas, Soccer
14. Stephen Curry, Basketball
15. Simona Halep, Tennis
16. Rafael Nadal, Tennis
17. Neymar, Soccer
18. Mohamed Salah, Soccer
19. Kylian Mbappé, Soccer
20. Rohit Sharma, Cricket
21. Katie Ledecky, Swimming
22. Chloe Kim, Snowboard
23. Roger Federer, Tennis
24. Erling Haaland, Soccer
25. Charles Leclerc, Motorsport
26. Candace Parker, Basketball
27. Megan Rapinoe, Soccer
28. Oksana Masters, Paralympic Athlete
29. Eileen Gu, Ski
30. Garbiñe Muguruza, Tennis
31. Karim Benzema, Soccer
32. Bianca Andreescu, Tennis
33. Max Verstappen, Motorsport
34. Bethany Hamilton, Surfing
35. George Russell, Motorsport
36. Sergio Pérez, Motorsport
37. Robert Lewandowski, Soccer
38. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Basketball
39. Sky Brown, Skateboard
40. Becky Sauerbrunn, Soccer
41. Sydney McLaughlin, Sprint
42. Mesut Özil, Soccer
43. Kevin De Bruyne, Soccer
44. Olivia Dunne, Gymnastic
45. Luka Dončić, Basketball
46. Novak Djokovic, Tennis
47. Katie Taylor, Boxing
48. Rory McIlroy, Golf
49. Harry Kane, Soccer
50. Marcus Rashford, Soccer

What are your thoughts on Woods not being the part of top 50? Let us know your views in the comment section.

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