A great champion always knows how to recognize another champion, even if they are two different disciplines. A clear example of this is the number 1 in the world of snooker (famous billiards discipline) Ronnie O’Sullivan – world champion a few months ago – who in a recent interview with Eurosport was asked to list his personal ranking of the greatest sports ever.

In first place is the late Brazilian Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna, in second place the immense Muhammad Ali, while for the third step of the podium he had a moment of hesitation to then name the two tennis legends Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, as well as golfer Tiger Woods.

The reason for the choice? That “has no time for those who do not win” “My three best athletes would be Ayrton Senna, Muhammad Ali and probably Djokovic, Federer or Tiger Woods. Yes, those will probably be my best.

“Tennis has changed my life. It has broadened my horizons and I am grateful to be involved in this sport ”. In one of the most interesting episodes of the last edition of the famous podcast by Patrick Mouratoglou, Mike Tyson talked about the importance of tennis for him and his love for the racket.

The former world boxing champion has appeared on the most important stages of world tennis on several occasions and has never hidden the esteem he has for Novak Djokovic. “Now Djokovic is my favorite tennis player. If he’s fine, I really enjoy watching his games.

It’s amazing how he came back from injury and beat champions like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Djokovic is a real fighter”. Speaking of Federer’s retirement from the Adavantage Connors podcast, Tyson spent words of great admiration for the Swiss legend and ‘snubbed’ Nadal.

Goran Ivanisevic reflects on Djokovic

Goran Ivanisevic had his say on whether Novak Djokovic could surpass Roger Federer and Jimmy Connors’ title tallies. “The question remains how much he will play and how long it will last, but at the moment he is in now, I am sure he could attack or influence those records as well”.

While the former world No 1 questioned how much his charge would play, he had no doubt in Djokovic’s ability to stay fit. Ivanisevic added: “He was always physically fit, that was never a problem and if he stays like that, I am convinced that he could stay at the top or near the top for another three years and fight for all the titles”.

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