A fan on Twitter mocked both Emma Raducanu and the newly resigned British Prime Minister Liz Truss and point out some similarities.

Emma Raducanu has become quite notorious in tennis circles due to her changing coaches often. For a player that essentially has played only one full professional season, Raducanu already had three coaches and two of them have been high-profile ones.

Just recently she split with Tursunov after a very brief time together. Before that, she ditched her US Open coach for Torben Beltz but that didn’t last either. That was compared by a fan to the British Prime Minister’s term in office as Liz Truss resigned today. She was in the office only 44 days which is shorter than Raducanu working with Tursunov.

“Emma Raducanu has had coaches that lasted longer than Liz Truss as prime minister.”

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