Alexis Ohanian, the doting husband of Serena Williams, is an avid sports fan with a passion for football and a keen interest in collecting trading cards. He recently shared his excitement over the new Adam Sandler movie that is based on sports card trading.

During the pandemic, people were reconnecting with their old hobbies. Surprisingly, their childhood trading cards are now worth thousands of dollars. That’s why collectors like Ohanian are in pursuit of cards that were worth only a few dollars when they were released to the current scenario where they’re worth thousands of dollars.

Serena Williams’ husband anticipates the new trend to have a major impact on women’s sports

The trading card craze had a huge impact on women’s sports. With the addition of women’s events to these platforms, it is only natural that interest will boost in the coming years. Markets and lenders have started using valuable trading cards as assets, like art or coins.

serena williams e commerce

Trading sports cards is just another category of e-commerce (although there are many possible uses). Such innovative ideas are driven by athletes who are increasingly using their social media platforms. Over the past few years, players’ associations, big and small, have come a long way in helping superstars monetize their teams.

The multi-millionaire tech investor and caring husband of the Wimbledon champion recently shared his wish to be part of the new movie. Alexis Ohanian tweeted, “I’m ready for my cameo!”

Sandler-Safdie’s new movie will explore areas that many know, but very few have personally explored. The card-collecting industry is notoriously famous for counterfeiting, theft and deception.

The industry is nothing more than an interesting game because the assets can be extremely valuable. Fans are awaiting to watch another surprisingly dynamic performance from Adam Sandler.

Ohanian honored with an award for investing in women’s sports

The Reddit cofounder accepted the 2022 Champion for Equality award in the presence of his wife and his daughter at the Women’s Sports Foundation awards ceremony. Serena Williams’ husband won the award for encouraging people to invest in women’s sports. The visionary entrepreneur regularly invests in the future of girls and women through his venture capital firm, Seven Seven Six.

He was appreciated for his unwavering commitment to level the playing field in professional sports. He is successful in inspiring a new generation of leaders to ally and invest wisely in women.

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