Golf legends Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have shared a rivalry for a whole generation, which was reflected in their partnership during the Ryder Cup at Oakland Hills in 2004. Mickelson is blessed with a talent to play greens, whereas the former no. 1 has an indomitable game with a mentality of a winner.

These rivals have the most contrasting position one ever saw in the golf world. The former PGA Tour member has been known as golf’s pariah since he joined LIV, whereas Woods has been a firm supporter of the PGA. In recent years, he has shown his authentic self and is devoted to the ecosystem of the sport. However, their infamous partnership was the talk of the town, and he did the ranting to Wood’s ex-wife, Elin Nordegren.

Why did Tiger Woods complain to his ex-wife?

The eight-time winner of the PGA tour, Fred Funk, was also part of Sutton’s US Team. He was also the spectator to witness ranting Woods about his partnership with the LIV player Mickelson. Because Funk was in the car with Woods and his ex-wife, Elin, post the defeat at the Ryder Cup.

Funk talked to ‘GOLF Subpar Podcast‘ and revealed what happened in the car and all about the rant session. He asked the 15-times major championship winner how his experience with Mickelson was on the golf course. He asked, ‘How was it?’ Woods replied with a question saying, ‘How was what?’

Tiger woods Phil Mickelson Slim Down

After clarification, Woods started with his blustering and said Mickelson was never with the team all week. Instead, he was found somewhere else, testing clubs and balls after switching to Callaway. Woods continued and said, “he didn’t help me one hole!” The disappointment was visible.

What happened at the Ryder Cup 2004?

The results of the 2004 Ryder Cup were not a surprise. Eventually, the USA team lost the game. Because, according to Woods, Mickelson was unaware of where and how far to hit the ball. Their contrasting personalities became the reason for their on-course rivalry, too, and were a curse for the Ryder Cup format. Winning Ryder Cup requires teamwork and understanding. As a result of the feud, the Europe team won by 18.5 – 9.5 points.

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