Tiger Woods hasn’t played in an official tournament since the 150th Open Championship held at St. Andrews. His injuries from the 2021 car crash have yet to heal, and he could only play a few games last season and has played none this season as he doesn’t like to use a cart in an official event. Notably, his stubbornness has made one particular PGA Tour player frustrated with him, and he has his reasons to do so.

The famous Graham Bensinger recently interviewed the American professional golfer Will Zalatoris. And the young golfer expressed his anger towards Woods in the interview for not taking a cart and playing more golf. “Tiger could get a cart if he wants to, but you know he’s never gonna take it,” he told Bensinger. “Because that’s who he is.”

Woods has always been against using a cart to move around in an official tournament. Notably, he had once criticized the PGA of America for letting John Daly use a golf cart in the 2019 PGA Championship. “I walked with a broken leg, so…,” he had said then, implying his leg injury in the 2008 US Open.

Zalatoris’ selfish reason for forcing Tiger Woods to take a cart

“I would love to play with Tiger at least once,” Will Zalatoris said in the interview. However, he doesn’t know when he will get a chance to fulfill his dream since the G. O. A. T. has no plans to play regularly because of his injuries.

“Selfishly, I’m like, ‘dude, get in the cart. I’m going to play with you,” the young golfer voiced his frustration. He explained that Woods can still play incredibly well despite having leg injuries. And the only issue that restricts him from attending events is that he can’t walk all 72 holes in four days.

Fans’ reaction to young golfer’s request to his idol

Tiger Woods withdrew from the 2022 PGA Championship after experiencing extreme pain in his leg. He could have applied for a cart for the event since the officials once approved it for his fellow golfer Daly. Yet, he decided not to since he doesn’t like the idea of using a cart in an official tournament. Notably, he used a cart in the unofficial father-son event, PNC Championship, in 2021.

Zalatoris wants Woods to use a cart so that he would get a chance to play in the same group with him. However, everybody knows it is impossible to make the 15-time major champion get a cart, and the same was reflected in their comments.

Do you agree with the fans? Or do you believe Woods will use a cart, at least until his health becomes better?

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