Max Verstappen secured his second title after Charles Leclerc’s title challenge imploded earlier this season.

Charles Leclerc has been warned that he will not beat Max Verstappen to an F1 title if he remains at Ferrari. A massive 57 per cent of Express Sport readers said Leclerc will never secure a single crown over Verstappen at the Scuderia.
It comes after a difficult season for the Monegasque which saw his championship challenge end through a series of team strategy mistakes and driver errors. Just 43 per cent claim he can still secure a championship crown with the Italian marquee, 15 years on from the team’s last title.
The poll comes after Christian Klien claimed Leclerc was “equally talented” to challenge at the top. Klien told the F1 Nation podcast that a lot of Ferrari’s mistakes were down to their “unpredictable” car.
He stressed their drivers were forced to push an “extra couple of per cent more” as the team were on the backfoot which may have compounded the issue. He added: “I think Charles is equally talented. I mean that some of his pole position laps that he put together this year were just unbelievable.

“I also think he has the race craft, but if you have bigger tyre degradation during the race, there’s not much that you can do as a driver. Yes, you can like Checo Perez, he’s one of the best at saving rear tyres for example but I think at the end they are all really good in that sense.

“Ultimately, you need a car that performs over one and a half hours, and Charles didn’t have this for most of the races.” Express Sport readers have supported the comments and agree Leclerc had enough talent to challenge Verstappen.

And 62 per cent said Klien’s comments were right and that Leclerc is as good as the Dutchman. Leclerc enjoyed more than a 40-point advantage after the first three races of the season before things started to turn against the 25-year-old.
Charles Leclerc told he may

Ferrari were blamed for strategic errors during the Monaco, British and Hungarian Grands Prix. However, Leclerc also made a series of errors himself with mistakes during the Emilia Romagna and French Grands Prix.

But Ferrari have appeared unable to challenge on pure pace since the summer with Verstappen romping home to seven wins in eight races.

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