Martin Brundle has fired back at F1 world champion Max Verstappen by showing his full support for Sky Sports F1 pit lane reporter Ted Kravitz after Red Bull decided to boycott the broadcaster.

The double world champion himself began the campaign of silence by snubbing the post-qualifying interviews after taking pole in Mexico on Saturday, with the period of non-cooperation continuing throughout the weekend.
Red Bull have been angered at Sky’s coverage since their Dutch driver Verstappen pipped Lewis Hamilton to the title controversially in Abu Dhabi last December and over their handling of the recent budget cap row.

Kravitz also commented that Lewis Hamilton had been ‘robbed’ of an eighth world championship at the US Grand Prix in Austin, which appeared to be the final straw for Verstappen and Red Bull.

Former driver and fellow pundit Brundle hit back at Verstappen by insisting boycotting Sky is the wrong way to go about things.
‘For the avoidance of doubt my friend and colleague for the past 26 years Ted Kravitz has my full support,’ the former driver posted on Twitter.

‘Face to face dialogue is the only way to sort out issues and disputes in the relentless crucible of the F1 paddock. We all have opinions and different jobs to do, that’s life.’

Brundle’s comments come on the back of Verstappen accusing Sky Sports of ‘disrespect’ at what they perceive as bias against them.

Verstappen said: ‘It had nothing to do with this weekend but this year. It has been a constant kind of digging and being disrespectful, especially from one particular person. At one point it is enough and I don’t accept it.

‘You cannot live in the past and you have to move on. Social media is a very toxic place and if you are constantly being like that live on TV that you are making it worst instead of trying to make it better.

Max Verstappen lauches
Verstappen (pictured) accused Sky Sports of ‘disrespect’ after Kravitz recent comments

‘You keep disrespecting me and at one point I will not tolerate it anymore and that is why I decided to stop answering.’

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner added: ‘There were some derogatory comments made so we took a break from Sky for this race. Max was upset. We were upset and we made the decision to stand together as a team.

‘It won’t have done Sky any harm for us to lay down a marker. Some of the commentary is fair but some pieces are sensationalist, and saying we robbed anyone of the championship, as was said in Austin, is going too far. It is not impartial or fair or balanced.

‘We have said our piece and will go back to normal next race.’

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