Ferrari’s performance in this season’s Mexican Grand Prix, according to Charles Leclerc, was likely its worst. The Scuderia driver believed it was comparable to their appearance at the Spa earlier this year. But did not anticipate having such a large pace advantage over the leaders.

Leclerc said the following to the local media following the competition:

“Despite the fact that I like to be an optimist, I knew the race would be challenging coming into it. But I didn’t anticipate it being that challenging or being [that far] from the guys [up front]. Brazil is definitely one of the worst races [of the season], along with Spa, so I hope it won’t be like this. I don’t anticipate any race to be worse than today.”

Charles Leclerc said it was Ferrari’s worst weekend in terms of the pace difference for the front-runners when comparing the race in Mexico City to the one in Spa.

Charles Leclerc told he may
Charles Leclerc The 2022 F1 Mexican GP is the worst race I can imagine

The Monegasque, though, feels the Spa issue had been resolved by the time F1 raced in Monza and believes the Scuderia’s speed troubles in Mexico were an isolated incident. He is doubtful if the team will have a short-term solution to the issue, though, given the nature of their glacial pace.

Charles Leclerc further clarified the characteristics of his race by saying:

“Though I genuinely think it was an isolated incident. We still need to know what we can do in such situations in the future to improve. We were able to comprehend why it was so horrible in Spa. Even if the circuit wasn’t precisely the same at Monza, I thought we responded fairly well there.”

Charles Leclerc found Ferrari’s speed disadvantage in Mexico perplexing

Charles Leclerc was perplexed by Ferrari’s performance disadvantage compared to its competitors. And believed there were various problems throughout the race, starting with qualifying.

He believed that they would have been much closer if the DRS issue during qualifying had not occurred. The Ferrari driver was unable to determine the cause of the speed decrease despite a few engine issues.

Leclerc described the problems that occurred during the course of the Mexican GP weekend.

“We had a couple of issues qualifying from my side. And I believe we should have been closer. However, throughout the race, the DRS issue was resolved. The rear wing was altered, and then we continued to experience engine issues. However, none of these factors can possibly account for the distance that is currently visible. We must make improvements so that the harm done on our bad days is not as severe as it was on this one.”

Ferrari had dialed down their engines for power owing to the thin air and high altitude, according to the chatter in the Mexican paddock.

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