Expert said that Meghan Markle’s pose looks simillar to Kate Middleton’s most ‘elegant’ poses.
During her conversation with Daily Mail, Myke Meier said that Kate, while seated, has her legs together slanted slightly to one side to create a zig-zag, famously known as the ‘Cambridge cross’.

“It is the perfect sitting pose for when a camera is shooting directly in front of you because, by slightly slanting the knees to create a zig-zag effect when wearing a dress or skirt, your legs are angled so that the camera only shoots the sides of your legs and protects your modesty,” the expert added.

Myke further added: “When sitting for long periods of time, this is the go-to position for the Duchess of Cambridge, as it tends to be the most comfortable.”

The author of Modern Etiquette Made Easy continued: “Knees and ankles stay together while crossing at the ankle, with the heels of the shoes touching the floor.”

“The duchess slant’ is one of the most elegant and flattering ways to sit, because it has a lengthening effect on the legs,” she told People while adding that the pose is “sophisticated, protects vulnerabilities, and looks fabulous in photos.”

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