Andy Murray joked with Benoit Paire after claiming he would give up alcohol.
Andy Murray joked with Benoit Paire after the Frenchman declared he was giving up partying in a bid to revive his career. The three-time Grand Slam champion replied to one of Ricky Gervais’ tweets before Paire got involved, prompting Murray to call him out.

Andy Murray replied to one of Gervais’ tweets asking people to give up three things from a list, with the world No 48 saying he would live without alcohol, shoes and smartphones. The list included Free speech, television, smart phones, Grandparents, alcohol, pets, shoes, medicine, cars and hearing. His choices caught the attention of Paire, who seemed distraught that the Brit would opt to give up alcohol.

Questioning the 35-year-old, he replied: “Alcohol???” with a number of surprised and upset emojis, prompting Murray to make a jibe over the former world No 18’s recent comments that he would be giving up alcohol and taking his tennis career more seriously. “I thought I read you were giving up alcohol Benoit!” he replied, with a crying-laughing emoji.

But the Frenchman was still adamant that alcohol was “important” as he responded: “Andy Alcohol is the most important in the list!!! Even more for a Scottish,” before following up with another tweet acknowledging Murray’s knighthood as he added: “SORRY SIR ANDY.”

Their exchange comes after Paire vowed to give up his party lifestyle in a bid to return to the top of tennis after falling down to No 173 in the world. “I’ve thrown it overboard two years of my sports career and I assume that to recover them, I need to change many things and add many wins like this one,” he said during the recent Brest Challenger.

“I have refocused on the important things. I decided to be more professional, not to go out to night parties and stop drinking alcohol.” The 33-year-old had an impressive 2019 season, winning two of his three career titles and making the second week of the French Open and Wimbledon, but he has since admitted that playing tennis became something of a chore.

As a result, the French Tennis Federation banned him from playing for the national team at the Olympics in Tokyo last year after his outburst at the 2021 Australian Open following his disappointing first-round loss. He blamed his defeat on what he branded “shameful” treatment of players who had to follow quarantine restrictions when they arrived in the country.

The three-time title winner then said the tournament had been “s***” and “grotesque”. But the former world No 18 has since admitted to wrongdoings, saying: “For two years I haven’t had such a good attitude on a tennis court. I know I still have a lot to improve in terms of confidence and level of play, but now I think I can get back to my best level.”

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