Tennis legend Serena Williams once had an awkward interaction after the Monaco Grand Prix main race. Known to be Lewis Hamilton’s best friend, the 23 grand slam winner had a cumbersome interview with Max Verstappen. Regarded as cringe-worthy, the interview was something Williams surely didn’t see coming.

As the 2021 Monaco race was concluded, David Coulthard was taking race winner Verstappen’s interview. While the interview was going on, Coulthard spotted Williams and invited her over for a chat. As the tennis star arrived, she was asked how did she feel about the Grand Prix.

Williams conveyed, “It’s such an amazing Grand Prix and it’s such a fantastic honor to be here as a fan and see such incredible athletes.”

What followed was quite bizarre from Coulthard, as he asked how attending an F1 race can help prepare for a tennis tournament. [Serena Williams had 2021 French Open upcoming]

The American star replied rather awkwardly, “We’re all training really really hard and it’s always good to see amazing athletes, and congratulations. So it’s always good to see and just be inspired really.”

When asked if she has any advice for Verstappen, Williams wrapped up the interview with, “I don’t think I’m in the position to give advice right now in this arena but you know good job to all the racers, I think everyone did really well.”

Serena Williams and Lewis Hamilton once triggered major dating rumors in 2016

Serena Williams and Lewis Hamilton are known to be good friends. The two global superstars have often been spotted together. However, there was one time when the pair shocked everyone with their actions.

Williams and Hamilton were seen holding each other’s hands at the Mexican Grand Prix, after Lewis’ win. Not only that, but the very next day, the two arrived at a Halloween party with Hamilton being the super recognizable Joker from the movie Batman, and Williams wearing an ’80s-styled workout outfit.

The duo was reportedly flirty and never left each other’s side the whole night. An insider from Heidi Klum’s party reported to Page Six, “They were super flirty. They didn’t leave each other’s side the whole night.”

Even though they were rumored to be dating, that was not true. Both Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams have been close and supportive throughout. They are friends and there was no concrete evidence of them dating.

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