In a recent interview at US Open, Maria Sharapova shared a fun interaction regarding his son with Chris Evert. She revealed her love and excitement over the new motherhood responsibilities. Even though she acknowledges that she is still learning some aspects of parenting, she finds her new role as a mom exciting.

Chris Evert, the 18-time Grand Slam Champion, shared her excitement about the new baby in Sharapova’s life at the US Open interview.

Maria Sharapova shares an intimate detail about his son

The former No. 1 in the world, and her fiancé Alexander Gilkes had excitedly informed the fans about their son, Theodore’s birth. For many days, Maria Sharapova had successfully kept the news a secret. The former world No.1 and her son have captured the hearts of countless fans with their beautiful photos.

Maria Sharapova

Alexander Gilkes, a British businessman, and Sharapova announced their engagement in 2020. Maria Sharapova has already experienced immense joy in 2022, in addition to the birth of her son. She also re-joined Forbes’ list of the richest self-made women under 40.

In the US Open interview, talking about his son Sharapova said, ” I call him Theo, or T Rex. There are so many little names I call him. It’s very sweet and it’s the best.”

The tennis player further added, “Many tell you about this but until you have a child and experience it, you haven’t got it.” The retired tennis player claimed that having a child was the most beautiful, motivating, and satisfying gift her family could receive.

The tennis star once shared the advice she wants to give her son

Sharapova announced her retirement from tennis in 2020. She had wished to spend time with her family after her retirement. The player once shared some advice with a reporter that she wanted to give to her son. Sharapova talked about how she would always tell her son to be genuine and also said that it was crucial to find one’s voice.

Sharapova also shared that one should always be curious and open to learning new things. Let us know what you think about this mother-son duo in your comments below.

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