Tiger Woods is one of the most talented players in the golf world. The golf legend has millions of fans across the globe, and most of them would do anything to play a round with him. However, there is someone who is lucky enough to have Woods around most of the time, and even plays professional golf alongside the star. And it’s none other than his son, Charlie. However, Charlie is giving his best to become a skilled golfer like his old man. And even Woods’ old pal, Notah Begay III, said a few words of encouragement about the little champ.

Notah Begay III appreciated Charlie Woods for his skills
In a conversation with Golf Weekly, Notah Begay III gave his analysis of Charlie Woods. Begay has been a very old friend of Tiger Woods. And since Charlie is in the same field as his father, most of Woods’ golf friends are also friends of the junior golfer. Begay has spent quite some time around Charlie. And in his interview, Begay explained what he felt about Charlie’s ability to play golf.
Tiger woods and son
“Charlie is a very, very capable golfer,” Begay said. “I think that next step for him is just going to be playing more events on a national level and just learning how to score on a regular basis.”. According to Begay’s statements, he expected Charlie to look like a mature golfer soon. And as he said, the junior golfer was rapidly growing into an adult as he plays more tournaments with his father fully supporting him.

But during the conversation, Begay also mentioned how it isn’t easy to play under the guidance of Tiger Woods. Talking about Charlie, Begay said, “He has to live through his dad, and that’s a tough ask”. After all, learning from the greatest champion needs a different level of learning and patience.

Begay explained how Tiger Woods was doing a wonderful job
After his remarks about how hard it is to learn golf from Woods, Begay was asked about his opinion about the potential pressure on Charlie. And his response was a little relaxing for the fans to hear. Begay said, “Tiger does such a great job of trying to alleviate as much of that as possible.” However, he also mentioned that it must be tough for Charlie since his father is “the greatest player”. But he added how Woods was doing a wonderful job playing golf and having fun while teaching it to Charlie as well.

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