2016 Olympics


Tiger Woods is arguably one of the best golfers of all time. The 15-time major winner has more records than most players in the sport. The 46-year-old is known for his skillful game on the course, but also for his humble nature off the field.

Tiger Woods is usually one of the strongest contenders in any tournament. But even the strongest people can be weak sometimes. And when it comes to emotions, sometimes even legends break down.

Tiger woods

A similar thing happened at the Tour Championship when Tiger Woods suddenly melted down. Keep reading further to know what happened at the championship.

The meltdown of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods had reached five under quickly within a few second-round holes. This put him in contention to win the Tour Championship as well as the FedEx Cup. But something unexpected happened.

Tiger Woods dropped six shots ahead of the 14th hole and blamed it on the hectic year he had. He said, “I put everything I had into that start and didn’t have much at the end. I just ran out of gas. I’m tired. It has just been a long, long grind.”

Tiger woods

T. Woods also showed concern about the sport’s return to the 2016 Olympics in Rio. He said that it would make matters even more hectic. The American Pro hit a tee shot into a water hazard and said, “My legs were just tired. I didn’t rotate through the ball and I turned it over.”

Tiger Woods’ take on the PGA and LIV drama

The multiple-time champion spoke up about the LIV Tour after golf legend Phil Mickelson joined it. After Mickelson’s controversial comments about PGA, Woods defended the tour and said, “Phil has said some things that I think a lot of us who are committed to the tour, and committed to the legacy of the tour, have pushed back against.”

Tiger Woods

T. Woods also said that there is plenty of money in the PGA Tour as well. But one needs to earn it through his skill, like every athlete. He made this statement in context to the high amounts being offered in the Saudi-backed league.