3.5 million followers on Instagram.


Former professional golfer, Paige Spiranac, has made her place in the hearts of golf fans all around the world. She retired from golf in 2016, but she has a huge following of over 3.5 million followers on Instagram. Fans watch her instructional videos on golf on YouTube and she has gained many listeners for her podcast, ‘Playing a Round With Paige Renee,’ where she shares her experience of life and golf. She is an honest person and two years back she shared her honest thoughts about Charlie Woods, the son of golf legend, Tiger Woods.

Paige Spiranac admires Tiger Woods

Even after retiring from the golf, we can see Spiranac’s love for the sport in her videos. She keeps posting her journey and shares her experiences. She believes that Tiger Woods is a legend and he will make 2022 as his own year.


There are many shots which Woods taught her, and it gratified her, and she respects him. In her video, she bet that Tiger Woods would win at St. Andrews. She pleaded her case and assured that St. Andrews is a course that former No.1 Woods would naturally ace. But her love did not stop at Woods. Instead, she is in absolute love with Jr. Woods, Charlie.

Paige’s honest comment on Charlie Woods

It is not just Tiger Woods reigning the golf world, but Jr. Woods is also grabbing attention by walking in his father’s footsteps. According to one of Spiranac’s tweet, she finds Charlie much cooler than his dad and everyone else.


Spiranac shared a video of Charlie and Tiger where they both had identical swings on the drive range. Yes, definitely Charlie has a long way to go, but certainly he is on the right track as he keeps displaying his potential every now and then.

Charlie Woods is cool

Spiranac has reasons to call Jr. Woods cool and admire his shots in the sport. She saw Tiger and Charlie playing at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Florida where they played in a team event.

Also, the father and son duo shot amazing 10-under round which included an eagle by Charlie. This was his first eagle, and he nailed it.

We all can agree that Spiranac calling Charlie cool is justified. With his performance and improvement in his form day by day, the future of golf is in good hands and Spiranac is happy about it. It’s only a matter of time that we see his true prowess on the course.

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