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NFL icon Tom Brady is often considered the GOAT. With his success in the league and fame, he has also secured a lot of multi-million dollar deals with different brands. However, is his net worth to beat the net worth of the GOAT of golf, Tiger Woods?

Tiger woods

After being recruited in 2000 by New England Patriots, Brady never looked back. After winning the Super Bowl in his second season as Quarterback, the native California then won six more. He is one of the most winning athletes in history!

Later, the star QB signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after a famed career with the Patriots. Owing to his career success, Brady receives lots of endorsement deals from brands that help him build a huge bank balance.

Meanwhile, Woods earned popularity even before he went pro. His victories at Amateur level tournaments and early success made him establish his name in the golf world. With rising popularity, Woods also received deals from different types of brands.

Brady and Woods earn their share of money from the tournaments and sponsorships from brands. Who among them has more net worth than the other? Let us find out!

The net worth of Tiger Woods in 2022

A massive $800 million is the net worth of Woods in 2022. He is the highest-earing golfer, with more than a billion earnings just from the PGA Tour events.

The former world no. 1 has won more than 100 championship titles worldwide, which helped him become a valuable player. The brands, including Nike, American Express, Golf Digest, Rolex, Gillette, Accenture, EA Sports, and NetJets are a few of the many companies that have signed with Woods throughout his career.

Notably, Woods has earned around $1.6 billion from sponsorships. According to celebrity net worth, the golfer earns $50 million every year as a salary. Woods also makes money from doing business under his own brand TGR.

The net worth of Tomy Brady in 2022?

The legendary QB of the NFL has a net worth of $250 million in 2022. Business ventures and endorsement deals are other ways Brady accumulates millions as his net worth, apart from his career earnings.

Christopher Cloos, Under Armor, Fanatics, and Wheels Up, are some of the few sponsorship offers as they are now. According to Forbes, Brady is ranked 9th on the list of athletes with the highest paid 2021.

In particular, Brady has signed a $ 375 million contract with Fox as part of his retirement plan. According to reports, the legendary QB will join the NFL coverage at Fox Network for 10 years after retirement.

Even if we add Brady’s retirement deal to his current net worth, he still comes shortly from Woods’ net worth in 2022. With a massive $800 million net worth, Tiger Woods is the clear winner between Brady and him.