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Simone Biles and Stephen Curry are two of the greatest athletes in their respective sports. In fact, even without the boundaries of gymnastics and basketball, the two have inspired millions all over the world.

Biles has the most number of Olympic medals for an American gymnast. On the other hand, Steph Curry is the leading all-time three-point leader in the NBA. Clearly, the two share greatness and a drive to be the best.

However, that is not the only thing Simone Biles and Stephen Curry share with each other.

Simone Biles

Here’s what Simone Biles and Stephen Curry share with each other

As the Internation Pi Day approaches, both Simone Biles and Steph Curry would be anticipating it. No, it isn’t because they are both crazy about maths and Archimedes’ Constant. In fact, it is because on March 14, both Biles and Curry would celebrate their birthday.

Surely, it is one surprising but significant coincidence, for the two legendary American athletes to share the same birthday. Even though nine years separate them in age, Steph and Simone could certainly share a slice of cake on the fourteenth of March.

Moreover, the two do have more in common than one would presume. Both athletes are now ambassadors for Subway’s ‘Eat Fresh Refresh’ campaign. Furthermore, Simone, like Stephen Curry, walked away from apparel giant Nike.

While Curry chose not to sign with Nike and instead with Underarmor, Simone did initially sign with the brand in 2015. However, last year in 2021, Biles chose to part ways with Nike and instead sign with Gap’s Athleta.
Simone Biles

More amazing personalities who slice the cake on March 14 with Biles and Curry

In addition to Steph Curry, it turns out that Simone Biles shares her birthday with other great personalities as well. Not only does her birthday fall on the same day as the International Pi Day, but it also coincides with the birth anniversary of none other than Albert Einstein!

In fact, the list doesn’t end there, either. Legendary British actor Michael Caine, too, shares the same birthday as Simone Biles, Steph Curry, and Albert Einstein.
While we’re on the subject, legendary American record producer, musician, and composer Quincy Jones will be celebrating his 89th birthday on the same day this year. Truly, the fourteenth of March is a day where an elite crowd across the world celebrates their birthdays!