Rafael Nadal is one of the greatest players ever to grace the sport. He is not only a great ambassador for our sport but also a role model for kids and budding tennis players. His balanced on-court demeanor and humility are probably the biggest two virtues of the Spaniard.

Recently, he opened up about how he manages to keep his level of performance up at an event organized by Cantabria Labs, who is one of Nadal’s many sponsors. He said that it is of utmost importance to maintain a good balance in life. Nadal emphasized that working tirelessly without enjoying oneself and taking time to recuperate will not be beneficial for one’s growth.



Rafael Nadal continues to be successful by identifying his strengths and weaknesses

Rafael Nadal is one of the best problem-solvers on the tour. He deals with success and failures equally with a balanced mind, focusing on the present. Opening up about maintaining balance in life he said., “In the end balance is important. One chooses what they think is going to work best for them or what they are not ready to assume. Everything life is about balance and measuring your efforts. If one is sleeping the perfect amount of hours, doing the right prevention work, following the right diet, training the right amount but not enjoying life well it is going to affect your performance negatively.”


Nadal turned pro at the age of 15 and was one of the most successful teenagers in the history of the ATP Tour. He had 16 titles to his name before he turned 20. Even though experts had foretold that given how aggressive and intense the Spaniard’s game is, and given how injury prone he is, he will not be able to sustain his best performance for long. However, nearly two decades and 91 career titles later, Nadal has proved his critics wrong and is one of the most successful players on the tour.